A Legacy of Experience & Exacting Standards.


F. A Stone & Sons 1874 - 2011


F. A. Stone and Sons was founded in 1874 by Frederick Adolphus Stone. Previously a Master Cutter and Tailor to the Officers of the 9th and 12th Queens Lancers, he was fascinated by the elaborate uniforms and riding clothes of those days.

When one of his sons wanted to introduce civilian wear, he originally absolutely forbade it at first, being finally persuaded several years later (and only if it was kept strictly out of his sight!).

After Frederick’s Sons joined the business, Albert (Bert) Stone opened on Prince of Wales Road, Norwich. It was he who built the civilian trade in addition to the Military tailoring.

Diana Dewing, Bert & May Stone’s only child, and granddaughter of Frederick Adolphus Stone took over the business in 1988, and saw it relocated to Timber Hill in 1993.


Window of F. A. Stones & Sons at Timber Hill in Norwich.


Upholding Traditions

F. A Stone & Sons continued to uphold all the finest traditions of British Bespoke Tailoring, whilst adapting to modern lifestyles and requirements.

Their military connection remained with their appointment to Officers of the Royal Anglian Regiment.

Services offered expanded to include two levels of personal Bespoke Tailoring, tailoring alteration and a stock service.

Throughout it’s history, the team at F. A Stone & Sons has included some highly talented and experienced tailors and cutters. Martin Dingle, an expert cutter worked at the same cutting board for over 25 years, Bridget Harrod started as a learner with Stones in 1967 and Norma Cheney (who has worked from Stones as a Tailoress since 1976). Robert Oliver, even started at Stones.

Martin Dingle at F. A. Stones.


Stones Bespoke Tailors 2011 - 2014


F. A. Stones & Sones closed its shop on Timberhill in Norwich in May 2011 after 137 years of trading, when Diana Dewing retired at the age of 80.

With permission from Mrs Dewing, the Stones name survived when long-time employees Tony Burns, Bridget Harrod and Norma Cheney formed Stones Bespoke Tailoring Ltd which was based at Cattle Market Street in Norwich. A by-appointment presence was also retained at Holland and Sherry in London’s famous Savile Row.


An Experienced & Professional Team

Tony, Bridget and Norma all trained under exacting Savile Row standards, and had 150 years of tailoring experience between them in the tailoring, finishing and alteration of a huge variety of garments, including trousers, waistcoats, ladies skirts, jackets and Military attire.

Tony started his training at the age of 14 and was an expert in cutting garments for both civilian and military wear, and for Ladies and Gentlemen.

Norma started her career at 15 with a 5-year apprenticeship as a Ladies coatmaker. Her specialism is trouser making, but she has tailored everything from coats and skirts to vests and country wear. Norma has more than a few notable former clients, including Max Bygraves and Lord Mountbatten.

Bridget specialised in coat making, a distinctive and often male-dominated skill, and can tailor any style of coat from Lounge Suits and Norfolk Jackets to Overcoats and Formal Wear.


Norma Cheney Bespoke Tailors 2014 - Present


Norma Cheney Bespoke Tailors was founded  when Bridget Harrod retired and continues the rich heritage of Stones Bespoke Tailors.

Our reputation for excellent customer service and exquisite attention to detail continues from our Norwich-based workshop at Robert Oliver Menswear and by appointment at Savile Row, London.

Robert Oliver Menswear in Norwich.